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"Children carry more between home & school than lunch and a backpack. Working together we can lighten their load." –National Association of School Psychologists

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I become a member of the TIG Consortium?
The TIG Consortium has been developed to assist school districts in Monroe County, New York. Membership in the TIG Consortium is limited to school districts within Monroe County, however, we have two districts bordering Monroe County have joined us. The Superintendent or chief administrator of each of districts is responsible for appointing the individuals they wish to represent the district or school in the Consortium. A pilot program was launched in 2001 involving six school districts and 31 school personnel. The program has grown over the years with all Monroe County school districts and 2 BOCES programs having participated in the TIG consortium. TIG teams primarily consist of mental health staff and other health staff, i.e. school counselors, school social workers, school psychologists, and school nurses and school administrators. More recently other staff roles have included the areas of communication, transportation and school.

Can I go to a TIG training?
TIG trainings are limited to members of a district TIG team. If your school district is a member of the Consortium, you can contact the members of your TIG team to arrange training on a specific topic. If your school has a specific training need and is not a member of the Consortium, contact the TIG Program Coordinator for further assistance.

How do I sign up to participate in the TIG Training?

An interested staff member in a participating TIG district should contact their TIG Primary Contact.  The Primary Contact can let the staff member know if they are planning to send a new team to the next full year training.  Each year the TIG Program Coordinator will contact all Primary Contacts to see if their district would like to send a new team.

What if my school is not in Monroe County? How can I obtain such supports?
Many communities have organizations that assist those who are grieving, children with illnesses, and individuals who experience trauma. Teachers and other school personnel might wish to contact those organizations to explore what resources they can provide to a school. In addition, the TIG training model is one which can replicated in other communities. For additional information about implementing TIG in your community, please contact the TIG Program Coordinator.

Can you tell me more about the Library?
The TIG library contains books, DVDs and other materials about trauma, illness, death, grief and loss. Materials range from books for children to professional books for teachers and school mental health clinicians. Access to the library is limited to TIG team members.  For participating districts, contact your TIG team members if you need resources for a specific topic.

How can I contact the TIG Coordinator to ask a question or obtain further information?
To contact the TIG Program Coordinator, click on "Contact" above to send an e-mail message.

Remember: that grief may resurface at other significant times, such as birthdays, anniversaries, and holidays.

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