TIG collaboration
"Children carry more between home & school than lunch and a backpack. Working together we can lighten their load." –National Association of School Psychologists

TIG Manual

The TIG Manual is the foundation of TIG training.  Ever changing, the Manual includes all of the training modules, including PowerPoints and handouts.  Successful completion of TIG training, that takes place over a one year period, ensures that all participants have a common knowledge base and philosophy. 

The Manual includes information from the six modules of the Core Curriculum:

Grief & Loss


Suicide Risk & Intervention

Illness & Injury

School Violence

TIG Implementation

Module IV: Illness & Injury

Illness & Injury is the fourth module of the TIG Core Curriculum.  This module looks at serious illness in the family, with a focus on students with chronic or critical illnesses.  Participants gain an understanding of strategies to use in supporting students and their families. Special attention is given to strategies for teachers as well as helpful information for helping classmates deal with returning students.

Behind accidents and homicide, suicide is the third leading cause of death for 15-24-year-olds.

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