Equip your team with the knowledge and skills needed to promote the best outcomes for students/youth, faculty, staff and community, lowering the risk for substance use, violence, mental and physical health concerns, and more


Develop robust strategies to effectively intervene and support holistic needs. Create a continuum from early identification of signs of concern to evidence-informed, best practice-oriented approaches that promote safety and well-being.  


When crisis does happen you are not alone!  Be ready with evidence-based skills to respond at a system-level and a Network of TIG Trained Responders who will support you in recovery

TIG’s Mission

To promote well-being in naturally occurring areas of connection by building capacity among professionals and natural helpers to effectively respond to the emotional needs that arise from experiences of trauma, illness, and grief. 

TIG can help you…


Grow capacity through action oriented, culturally responsive, and adaptable training


Create Crisis Response Networks for support in times of need


Provide infrastructure assistance for implementation and sustainability

Focus Areas