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Strength-based Trauma-responsive Equity-focused
Strength-based Trauma-responsive Equity-focused Strength-based Trauma-responsive Equity-focused

About TIG

TIG are the Helpers.  We are professionals with decades of applied experience in capacity-building, system transformation, and crisis response leadership.  We are teams who work together to move our individual approaches, formal procedures, and policies to alignment with best practices.  We are engaged communities who are connected in learning, growing, and applying what we know.  We are networks of support that promote healing and recovery in times of crisis.

When I was a boy and I would see scary things in the news, my mother would say to me, ‘Look for the helpers. You will always find people who are helping.’

Fred Rogers


TIG began as the Consortium on Trauma, Illness, and Grief in School in Monroe County, NY as a project between several local school districts, community resources, and Coordinated Care Services, Inc. supported by the Monroe County Office of Mental Health.  These collaborators came together around a shared vision – to increase school personnel’s ability to support students, staff, and community at times of individual or widespread crisis.  In doing so, we strengthen individual and collective resilience while mitigating risk for long-term negative outcomes


Since its inception in 2001, TIG has grown steadily through its dedication to delivering the most current knowledge, skills, and resources to prepare participants to understand, intervene and provide support when needs arise related to trauma, violence, illness and loss.  TIG’s Core Curriculum creates the backbone of regional, self-sustaining Crisis Response Networks.   These networks provide the security and capacity of the only evidence-based model of crisis response designated by SAMHSA.

Networks of schools and districts are extending across New York State, Wisconsin and beyond!  TIG in Higher Education (TIG HE) provides a Core Curriculum and network infrastructure support that is individualized to the unique context and culture of colleges and universities.  

As TIG continues to grow, it remains steadfast in the commitment to bring the best of what is known in prevention, intervention, and recovery to serve our communities.

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CCSI’s TIG Team can support your goals to learn more, connect with TIG Training, and establish a TIG Network in your region

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The Monroe County, NY TIG Network has been active since 2001. Connect with this vibrant region to learn from their experience in sustainability

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CCSI provides a broad array of management services and technical assistance specifically tailored to meet the needs of local behavioral health, social and human services departments, state agencies, and community-based organizations in Monroe County, across New York State, and beyond. We are a nonprofit organization dedicated to inspiring innovation in practice by providing essential business services in partnership with organizations that improve lives and strengthen communities. Visit our website to learn more.