Focus Areas

TIG’s goal is to support your school and district in strengthening internal capacity to appropriately support students and staff to minimize risk for crisis, respond more effectively and efficiently, and recover quickly by promoting healthy strategies in the event of a traumatic incident. 

The TIG framework is aligned with the best practices to Prevent, Protect, Mitigate, Respond, and Recover from individual to collective crises, across the continuum of stress, adversity, and trauma. TIG provides participants with the practical knowledge, contemporary tools, enhanced supports, and greater resources needed to implement this framework. 

The best part? It’s not hard – over 20 years, TIG’s resources have been vetted and are proven to be “off-the-shelf” easy to implement. They WILL help improve existing practices, policies, and procedures. Each aspect of the model actively builds staff capacity, confidence, and efficacy around these domains. In addition, it provides increased liability protection, and is a strong investment toward sustainability.